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Katie Mattson studied and trained ballet for 14 years starting at the age of five. She was trained at MDU (Misty's Dance Unlimited), under the guidance of Misty Lown, a Juilliard graduate, and her teachers at Misty's school and theater in La Crosse, WI.


In addition to her ballet experience, Katie Mattson studied and trained for six years in the art of pointe, a ballet-style performed on the tips of toes in specialized pointe shoes. She also has 12 years of training in jazz, tap, lyrical and musical theater.


In Katie's adult years she has performed on stage for Bugsy's (a famous speakeasy in Milwaukee, WI), as Princess Catalina on stage at Medieval Times and, her greatest roles, performing at Walt Disney World, on various stage, and in parades. For the past three years, Katie has spent her time as a dance instructor at Brookfield Center for the Arts in Brookfield, WI, specializing in teaching ballet and pointe.

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